The LORD Remembers Us (Genesis 8:1-9:17)

Sunday 11th February 2018 27th January is Holocaust Remembrance Day. In 2018, it marked 73 years since the date in 1945 when Soviet forces liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. Speaking on the anniversary 2 years ago, Arek Hersh, who arrived at the concentration camp as a 14 year old, said, “When I think of allContinue reading “The LORD Remembers Us (Genesis 8:1-9:17)”

The LORD Sees Our Corruption (Genesis 6:1-7:24)

Sunday 4th February 2018 This summer, like any summer, is a risky time for fires, like the grassfire at Winton just a few weeks ago. And as Sarah, the girls, and I have been traveling through Victoria these last few weeks, we’ve driven past numerous Fire Danger warning signs on the outskirts of country towns.Continue reading “The LORD Sees Our Corruption (Genesis 6:1-7:24)”

And He Died (Genesis 5:1-32)

Sunday 7th January 2018 As we read Genesis 5, we notice that it covers 1,656 years. It’s a tremendous period of time to be condensed into just one chapter. And yet, it seems that nothing happens! There’s no great event of God’s deliverence for His people, there’s no Exodus, there’s no great word from theContinue reading “And He Died (Genesis 5:1-32)”

To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice (Genesis 4:1-26)

Rejoice with Eve’s Hope in the LORD (v1) Reject the Legalistic Religion of a Faithless Heart (v2-5a) Resist the Murderous Anger of an Evil Heart (v5b-10) Relish God’s Merciful Judgement (v9-24) Reproduce Eve’s Faith in Sorrow (v25-26) Sunday 10th December 2017 What lie did Cain believe? Who can defeat Satan? Who did Eve think herContinue reading “To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice (Genesis 4:1-26)”

‘Did God Really Say?’ (Genesis 3:1-24)

Know How Satan Tempts (v1-7) Be Warned By How Guilt Separates Us From God (v8-13) Rejoice in God’s Grace Judging Sin & Promising Deliverance (v14-19) Rejoice in God’s Grace Providing For & Protecting Adam & Eve (v20-24) Sunday 26th November 2017 What is wrong with the world? Has it always been like this? What doesContinue reading “‘Did God Really Say?’ (Genesis 3:1-24)”