The LORD Sees Our Corruption (Genesis 6:1-7:24)

Sunday 4th February 2018

This summer, like any summer, is a risky time for fires, like the grassfire at Winton just a few weeks ago. And as Sarah, the girls, and I have been traveling through Victoria these last few weeks, we’ve driven past numerous Fire Danger warning signs on the outskirts of country towns. As the fire authorities expect days when they expect significant danger from fire, our phones have buzzed with warnings to be prepared.

It’s easy to ignore the warnings. ‘It will never happen to me.’ But it will. Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3 that the day of the Lord’s judgment will come ‘like a thief in the night’ (v10) and that ‘the Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise’ (v9). And the proof is in Noah’s flood: the same word of judgment which brought the flood has reserved this world for another judgment, this time by fire when the ungodly will be judged and destroyed (v5-7).

  1. Own the Extent & Intensity of Our Corruption (6:1-8)
  2. Hear God’s Just Judgement (6:9-13)
  3. Respond to God’s Gracious Deliverance (6:14-7:10)
  4. Tremble as God Judges the World (7:11-24)

Review questions

  • What do I need to survive God’s judgement of my sin?
  • How much of our nature is sinful?
  • Why does sin matter?
  • Can we be good without God?
  • Why did God save Noah?
  • What two things did Noah do?
  • Does God always keep believers His people from suffering?
  • Can believers in other religions be saved without Jesus Christ?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

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