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The LORD Remembers Us (Genesis 8:1-9:17)

Sunday 11th February 2018

27th January is Holocaust Remembrance Day. In 2018, it marked 73 years since the date in 1945 when Soviet forces liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. Speaking on the anniversary 2 years ago, Arek Hersh, who arrived at the concentration camp as a 14 year old, said,

“When I think of all the terrible things that happened to us: how we lived, how we died. It’s a reminder of what men can do to each other.”

For many, the unspeakable violence and cruelty inflicted by people on other people is reason enough to disbelieve that there is a God, that He is good, or that He is capable of intervening in our world.

But that is not the only response to mankind’s violence and injustice. After the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps, this poem was found scratched in a wall:

“I believe in the sun, even when it is not shining.
I believe in love, even though I don’t feel it.
I believe in God, even when he is silent.”

The silence of God is something believers experience. It can make us wonder and despair at what God is doing. Has He forgotten us? David speaks of this experience in three Psalms (28, 35, 109), showing that it was a repeated experience even for such a great believer as Him. But even when God seems silent, He cries out, relying on God’s unending, steadfast love, His covenant love, and in God’s time, He is delivered. That’s a model for us to follow.

Noah shows us that same model of faith in God’s unending covenant love. At the start of Genesis 8, Noah has heard nothing from God for 40 days (more than a month).

Yes, God has saved Noah and his family from God’s judgement in the catastrophic worldwide Flood. But had God forgotten Noah?

How can we go on when we don’t know what will happen next? What is God teaching us about how to live when He seems silent?

God’s actions and words in Genesis 8:1-9:17 show that the LORD remembers us, and He calls us to trust Him in four specific ways:

  1. Respect God’s Continuing Commission to Humanity (8:1-19)
  2. Rejoice in God’s Deep Resolution (8:20-22)
  3. Receive God’s Abiding Blessing on Humanity (9:1-7)
  4. Rely On God’s Eternal Covenant with Everything (9:8-17)
  • Does God’s plan change?
  • What promise does Noah rely on?
  • Is God ever surprised?
  • Why does God keep the world going?
  • What are mankind’s responsibilities in God’s world?
  • Should we seek revenge?
  • Why do human beings matter?
  • What is a covenant?
  • What is the rainbow for?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

The LORD Sees Our Corruption (Genesis 6:1-7:24)

Sunday 4th February 2018

This summer, like any summer, is a risky time for fires, like the grassfire at Winton just a few weeks ago. And as Sarah, the girls, and I have been traveling through Victoria these last few weeks, we’ve driven past numerous Fire Danger warning signs on the outskirts of country towns. As the fire authorities expect days when they expect significant danger from fire, our phones have buzzed with warnings to be prepared.

It’s easy to ignore the warnings. ‘It will never happen to me.’ But it will. Peter tells us in 2 Peter 3 that the day of the Lord’s judgment will come ‘like a thief in the night’ (v10) and that ‘the Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise’ (v9). And the proof is in Noah’s flood: the same word of judgment which brought the flood has reserved this world for another judgment, this time by fire when the ungodly will be judged and destroyed (v5-7).

  1. Own the Extent & Intensity of Our Corruption (6:1-8)
  2. Hear God’s Just Judgement (6:9-13)
  3. Respond to God’s Gracious Deliverance (6:14-7:10)
  4. Tremble as God Judges the World (7:11-24)

Review questions

  • What do I need to survive God’s judgement of my sin?
  • How much of our nature is sinful?
  • Why does sin matter?
  • Can we be good without God?
  • Why did God save Noah?
  • What two things did Noah do?
  • Does God always keep believers His people from suffering?
  • Can believers in other religions be saved without Jesus Christ?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

And He Died (Genesis 5:1-32)

Sunday 7th January 2018

As we read Genesis 5, we notice that it covers 1,656 years. It’s a tremendous period of time to be condensed into just one chapter. And yet, it seems that nothing happens!

There’s no great event of God’s deliverence for His people, there’s no Exodus, there’s no great word from the LORD (it seems). It’s up there with the blank pages between your Old Testament and New Testament, where for 400 years, it seemed that there was nothing going on.

It makes us wonder, ‘What is going on when nothing is going on? What’s happening when we don’t see God at work? What is really happening? What are we supposed to learn, when God doesn’t seem to be answering our prayers, when His promises appear to be going nowhere?’

  1. Thank God as His Purpose and Blessing for Mankind Continue (v1-2)
  2. Praise God’s Faithfulness as His Curse on Adam’s Sin Continues (v3-20)
  3. Listen as God’s Word Comes to a Wicked World (v21-27)
  4. Expect God’s Intervention in a Wicked World (v28-32)
  • What is this list of names about?
  • What is God’s image?
  • What is God’s blessing?
  • What did God promise?
  • How are we like Adam?
  • Why does worship matter?
  • What is God’s curse on sin?
  • What does ‘walking with God’ mean?
  • Can we be good without faith?
  • What did Lamech expect?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

I Cannot Come (Luke 14:15-24)

Sunday 31st December 2017

  1. How Great to Eat in the Kingdom of God! (v15-16)
  2. But Don’t Make Excuses When You Are Invited (v17-20)
  3. Urge People to Come In That the Lord’s House May Be Full (v21-24)
  • What is one way the Old Testament describes heaven?
  • Will everyone go there?
  • What is Jesus’ invitation?
  • Was the banquet a surprise?
  • What kinds of excuses do we make to God?
  • Who is invited instead?
  • Who is missing today?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

‘He Has Come & Redeemed Us’ (Luke 1:68-80)

Monday 25th December 2017

  1. What is Christmas About? (v68)
  2. How is Redemption Possible? (v69, 77)
  3. Why is Redemption Necessary? (v70, 72-74)
  4. What is Redemption For? (v75, 79)
  • What was Zechariah told?
  • Who was his son?
  • What did God do?
  • What does ‘redeem’ mean?
  • How does Jesus redeem believers?
  • Why did Jesus have to get us back?
  • What did God promise?
  • Do we deserve mercy?
  • Why would God save anyone?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application/Prayer:

Why Satan Hates Christmas (Revelation 12:1-17)

Sunday 24th December 2017

  1. Who Are These People? (v1-4, 9, 17)
  2. Rejoice Because the Son Rules (v5-6)
  3. Rejoice Because the Son Saves (v7-12)
  4. Rejoice Because Satan’s Time is Short (v12-17)
  • Is Revelation for me?
  • Who is the woman?
  • What is the 1260 days?
  • Who is the red dragon?
  • What crown does the woman wear?
  • Who is the ‘male son’?
  • What does Jesus’ blood do?
  • Why is Satan angry?
  • What does God do for the church in the wilderness?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application/Prayer:

What is the World Coming to? (Psalm 2)

Sunday 17th December 2017

  1. Hear the World that Hates God & His People (v1-3)
  2. Hear the Laugh from the Throne that Consoles Believers (v4-6)
  3. Hear the Decree that Controls History (v7-9)
  4. Hear the Gospel that Calls Unbelievers to Submit to the Son (v10-12)
  • Who is the world in rebellion against?
  • Why does the world hate Christians?
  • What does the world want?
  • Where is God?
  • Why does God laugh?
  • Who is God’s King?
  • Where does He rule?
  • How does that give believers confidence?
  • What is God’s warning?
  • A question I have
  • A truth to share
  • Application/Prayer: