My Soul Refuses to Be Comforted (Psalm 77)

Psalm 77 speaks to us about an experience that is common, that many of us know all too well. It speaks of suffering. It speaks of how we face suffering, and where we can turn for God’s help. Hear this account of a suffering man: “I tried to sleep but couldn’t. Part of it wasContinue reading “My Soul Refuses to Be Comforted (Psalm 77)”

What is the World Coming to? (Psalm 2)

Sunday 17th December 2017 Hear the World that Hates God & His People (v1-3) Hear the Laugh from the Throne that Consoles Believers (v4-6) Hear the Decree that Controls History (v7-9) Hear the Gospel that Calls Unbelievers to Submit to the Son (v10-12) Who is the world in rebellion against? Why does the world hateContinue reading “What is the World Coming to? (Psalm 2)”