To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice (Genesis 4:1-26)

  1. Rejoice with Eve’s Hope in the LORD (v1)
  2. Reject the Legalistic Religion of a Faithless Heart (v2-5a)
  3. Resist the Murderous Anger of an Evil Heart (v5b-10)
  4. Relish God’s Merciful Judgement (v9-24)
  5. Reproduce Eve’s Faith in Sorrow (v25-26)

Sunday 10th December 2017

  • What lie did Cain believe?
  • Who can defeat Satan?
  • Who did Eve think her son was?
  • Faith is ____________
  • What drives obedience?
  • Why didn’t Cain obey?
  • What must I do with sin?
  • How is repentance different to remorse?
  • How is God’s mercy shown in judgement?
  • Why do people call out to God?
  • A question I have
  • A truth to share
  • Application
  • Prayer


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