What is the World Coming to? (Psalm 2)

Sunday 17th December 2017

  1. Hear the World that Hates God & His People (v1-3)
  2. Hear the Laugh from the Throne that Consoles Believers (v4-6)
  3. Hear the Decree that Controls History (v7-9)
  4. Hear the Gospel that Calls Unbelievers to Submit to the Son (v10-12)
  • Who is the world in rebellion against?
  • Why does the world hate Christians?
  • What does the world want?
  • Where is God?
  • Why does God laugh?
  • Who is God’s King?
  • Where does He rule?
  • How does that give believers confidence?
  • What is God’s warning?
  • A question I have
  • A truth to share
  • Application/Prayer:

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