Serve by Suffering (1 Peter 2:17-25)

Sunday 03/05/2020

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The work lives and study lives of most of us look very different to what they did a 4 to 6 weeks ago. You might be working or studying from home. Or you work might be suspended or over completely.

But whatever work situation we’re in, there are basic questions we all have. How should I live as a Christian at work? Do I have to tell people at work or school that I’m a Christian? Should being a Christian change how I work?

(And if you’re not working now, this still applies to you, because you still do business with people: retailers and tradesmen, etc).

We’ve been seeing here in 1 Peter that Christians are citizens of God’s worldwide, eternal kingdom (v9-10). But that around us, people are ignorant about God and foolish in the way they live (v15). So, how should we live as Christians at work?

We saw last time that we’re to live as free people (v16). But our freedom is freedom from sin, not freedom from responsibility (v11-14). So, we should live Godly lives and do good (v12). And what that looks like is submission: putting ourselves under the authority of those God has appointed over us (v13-14).

So, what does that look like at work? Peter gives us three keys:

  • Live Before God (v17-20)
  • Live Like Jesus (v21-24)
  • Live In Jesus (v24-25)

That’s how we can live as free citizens of God’s kingdom while we work, study, and do business with others.

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