A Stranger in a Strange Land (Acts 28:1-16)

Our world and culture have changed dramatically. It used to be normal to go to church. Then, it was something people didn’t care about. Now, if you say you follow Jesus, you’re likely to be thought strange. Or people will think you are a bigot.

It’s not unusual for us as Christians to find ourselves the odd ones out, at work, at school, or among our family and friends. This experience of cultural exile is familiar to believers in all ages.

In Acts 28, Paul finds himself in the minority, a stranger in a strange land. What does God want us to be and do when we are the odd ones out?

  1. Expect Suspicion and Wonder (v1-6)
  2. Seek the Welfare of the City (v7-10)
  3. Find Fellowship with Believers (v11-14)
  4. Thank God for Promises Kept (v15-16)

Sunday 16th February 2020

Review questions:

  • Why might people be suspicious of Christians?
  • Followers of Jesus are ___________________________ in this world (Hebrews 11:13)
  • When do I feel outnumbered or in the minority?
  • How can I do good to those around me?
  • The best good I can do I to tell about _______________________ (Matthew 28:18-20)
  • Had Paul preached in Rome before his arrest (Romans 1:7-15)? Yes/No
  • The commission to witness to Jesus was for apostles only (Acts 1:8): True/False
  • I can fellowship with believers by _________________________________________ (v14)
  • What promises does God keep to me (v15)?
  • A question I have: 
  • A truth to share: 
  • Something to pray about: 
  • How I will change:  

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