But Do You Understand (Acts 28:17-31)

As we come to the end of Acts, we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the life of Paul. But he’s not who Acts is about. He wasn’t even mentioned in the first 8 chapters!

And Acts isn’t about Peter or Philip or James or John, or any of the disciples. It isn’t even about the church as a whole. Acts is about the Gospel. It’s about what the risen Lord Jesus is doing, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through His Church, to spread the Gospel.

So, here in this last passage in Acts, we find three truths about the Gospel that we need to believe. We don’t just have to agree with them; we need to depend on them. And if we do, they will make all the difference to how we live as followers of Jesus. The three truths we must depend on are:

  1. The Gospel is About King Jesus (v17-27, 29)
  2. The Gospel is the Mission of the Church (v28)
  3. The Gospel Will Never Be Silenced (v30-31)

Sunday 23rd February 2020

Review questions:

  • The good news is the __________________________ment of every promise God gave the Jews (v20)
  • Paul stated the ______________________, explained what they ___________________________________, and showed why people should ___________________________________________________ them (v23).
  • Paul started with what ________________________ said, not what was reasonable or popular (v23).
  • The Old Testament said the Messiah must ____________ and _____________ again (Luke 24:45-47)
  • I don’t understand the Gospel unless I know it is for _______________ (v25-27).
  • What good things are not the mission of the Church (v30-31)?
  • Salvation is about ________________________ and the ___________________________ of God (v28, 31).
  • What is Acts about (1:8 & 28:31)?
  • A question I have:  
  • A truth to share: 
  • Something to pray about: 
  • How I should change: 

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