When Going to Church Makes Everything Worse (1 Corinthians 11:17-34)

‘I’m not a very good Christian. There are days when I don’t stop to pray. There are days when I’m too busy to read the Bible.’ Do you ever feel like that?

‘I’m not a very good Christian, but at least I got to church this week.’ But would it surprise you to hear that there are ways of coming to church that are totally useless? We can get together, sing, pray, and hear God’s Word, or even celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and it can be a total waste of time.

Here in 1 Corinthians 11 as Paul recounts the directions for how we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, he tells the church at Corinth that what they were doing was not the Lord’s Supper (v20). No, they weren’t using coke and skittles (!) like one church I’ve heard of. The problem was much deeper.

We can do what God commands us to do, but our attitudes completely undermine God’s purpose. That’s why God warns us here that these attitudes are deadly!

So, how can we recognise these deadly attitudes in the church and in ourselves?

Here are three questions to ask ourselves:

  • Do You Dishonour the Lord’s Body? (v17-22, 33-34)
  • Do You Proclaim the Lord’s Death? (v23-26)
  • Do You Discipline Yourself? (v27-32)

If we honestly answer these questions, God can reveal to us the deadly attitudes that make things worse by going to church.

Sunday 2nd February 2020

Review questions:

  • We may do what God commands, but our ___________________ can undermine it (v20)
  • We despise the church of God by putting ________________________________ first (v22)
  • I can honour the church by planning to _________________ and __________ others (v21)
  • Why do we need physical signs of the good news (v24-25)?   __________________________________________________________________________
  • The Lord’s Supper remembers the past (v24-25):
  • The Lord’s Supper remembers the future (v26):
  • Examining and discipling requires taking practical steps to ________________ (v27-29)
  • What will I stop and what will I do instead (v32)?  
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Something to pray about:
  • How I will change:  

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