By Faith in His Name (Acts 3:1-26)

What does it mean to be blessed?

When something turns out well, we say, ‘We really are blessed!’ If something good happens to someone else, we say, ‘What a blessing!’ Good news from the doctor, success at work, a good exam result, they’re all blessings.

But Jesus tells us that God sends the sunshine and the rain on the just and the unjust, the good and the bad. When we receive what we need for this life, we are receiving gifts from God, but they are His ordinary care. God’s blessings are more than meeting our regular needs.

In Genesis 10, when the people of the world wanted to be blessed, they tried to build their own tower up into heaven, the place of blessing. You can read how that turned out.

But in Genesis 11-12, God gives his blessing to Abram. At this point, Abram was an idol worshipper. He knew nothing about the LORD. But God commanded him to leave Ur and promised a blessing to him and his family.

The blessing God promised might seem to be what we need to live this life: a land to live in, many descendants, and a famous name. Great, #blessed!

But God promised Abram that he would also be the way through whom God would bless the world. Somehow, by making Abram into Abraham (the father of a great nation), the world would receive the ultimate blessing.

That blessing is not a 72 inch flat screen TV. That blessing is not buying your first house, graduating university, or having a healthy family. That blessing is much greater, much more amazing. And in Acts 3, we see that blessing.

What starts as an amazing miracle turns out to be much more. A lame man expected to receive some money, but he ends up being healed. But even that isn’t the greatest blessing. The greatest blessing here is the ultimate blessing God promised to Abraham, which God offers to you and me. What is it?

  1. What’s More Amazing than a Lame Man Walking? (v1-10)
  2. God’s Blessing of Turning You from Your Wicked Ways (v11-26)

Sunday 1st July 2018

Review questions:

  • What blessings did God promise Abram (Gen 12:1-3)?
  • How was the lame man healed (v6)?
  • How do I reject Jesus (v13)?
  • Why could Peter heal the man (v13)?
  • How do I deny Jesus (v13)?
  • Jesus is God’s s____________ (v13), the H________ & R________________ One (v14), & the A____________ of L__________ (v15).
  • Where can we find the solution to our ignorance (v18)?
  • If we repent, God b_________ out sin (v19).
  • How can I have the blessing promises to Abraham (v25-26)?
  • God’s blessing is __________________ (v26)
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • How we should live:
  • Prayer:

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