The Best Church (Acts 2:41-47)

We are not the best church in Benalla. The best church is big, with the best preachers, the best teaching, the best kids programs, the best music, the best friends, the best fellowship, the best resources.

It’s not that we plan to be a bad church. But I doubt that there is a church in Benalla (or anywhere) that could meet all the expectations I have or you have to be the best church.

Every church will disappoint you. Every minister will disappoint you. But I (as a minister) and we (as a church) seek to be honest about that.

We will never be everything you want in a church. But often our expectations are unrealistic or even misplaced.

The question is: What sort of Church does God call the best? In Acts 2:41-47, God gives us a sketch of everything the Church should be.

  1. Begin with Repentance and Faith (v41)
  2. Make Four Essential Commitments Together (v42, 44-46)
  3. Trust God for Three Inevitable Results (v43 & 47)

That’s how can we be the Church God wants us to be.

Sunday 24th June 2018

Review questions:

  • The Church begins with _________________ who ______________________________ (v41).
  • What is repentance?
  • Can I lose my salvation by not repenting enough? Yes/No.
  • If I don’t repent am I a Christian? Yes/No.
  • How do we access the Apostles’ teaching (v42)?
  • What is ‘fellowship’ (v42)?
  • Why does ‘breaking bread’ matter (v24)?
  • When to you set aside time to pray (v42)?
  • What does God give when the Church has these 4 commitments? F___________ (v43), F____________ (v47) & F____________ (v47)
  • John 13:35 “______________ one another.”

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