No Other Name (Acts 4:1-12)

Today, you can think anything is true, so long as you don’t say anything else is false; you can believe anything, as long as you don’t think other people should believe the same thing. Inclusivity is exclusive. And tolerance is intolerant.

You can say that Jesus will get you to heaven, but you cannot say that Jesus is the only way to heaven because other people have their own ideas, and who are you to say that they are wrong?

People have a problem with saying that Jesus is the way to God, the way to be saved. We see that today, and we see that in Acts 4:1-12. There, God tells us three things:

  1. Expect the Problem with Jesus’ Way (v1-4)
  2. Withstand the Probing of Jesus’ Followers (v5-9)
  3. Proclaim the Power of Jesus’ Name (v8-12)

Sunday 8th July 2018

Review questions:

  • Why were Peter and John arrested (v2)?
  • What didn’t the Sadducees believe in (v1-2)?
  • Why should Christians expect trouble (John 15:18)?
  • Did the arrest stop God’s word? Yes/No.
  • What sorts of people questioned Peter and John (v5-6)?
  • What did they ask (v7)?
  • How could Peter respond (v8)?
  • Why was Jesus’ power able to heal the man (v10)?
  • How important is Jesus (v11)?
  • What danger do we face (v12)?
  • How can I be saved (v12)?
  • A question I have
  • A truth to share:
  • How I should live:
  • Prayer:

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