Come to Me and I Will Give You Rest (Matthew 11:25-30)

Last week, in possibly a bored moment, I was looking at the ABC News website online. And I found this article. It is written by a young lady named Caroline Zielinski: About eight months ago, I did a very scary thing. I quit my job to search for meaning — and it dramatically improved myContinue reading “Come to Me and I Will Give You Rest (Matthew 11:25-30)”

God Forsaken? (Matthew 27:45-54)

The cross is the enduring symbol of Christianity. But why would you choose an instrument of execution as the identifying marker of your religion? The Roman historian Tactitus and modern skeptical historians agree that Jesus was executed. That’s despite the repeated ‘not guilty’ verdicts from the Roman governor, Pilate (v18-19). That’s despite the man whoContinue reading “God Forsaken? (Matthew 27:45-54)”