The Desolating Decree – Part 1 (Daniel 9:1-19)

Let me start with a question for you: What is real Christianity all about, in one word or phrase?

It’s about salvation and forgiveness. Christianity is about being rescued by Jesus.

But lots of people think Christianity is about trying to do good so that we will be accepted by God. Is that what you think? ‘God won’t welcome me until I’ve sorted out my life, if I ever do’?

Real Christians don’t think they’re good enough. A Christian is someone who knows they are not good. A Christian knows that they can’t be good but who relies on Jesus, God’s chosen rescuer.

Which of those do you believe?

We’ve read Daniel 9. You remember Daniel and the Lion’s Den; well, this is about the same time in his life. He’s in his mid-80s. And the prayer he prays recognises that he and his people are not good enough for God. All Daniel can do, and all we can do, is to cry out to God to rescue us, not because we deserve it, but for His glory.

Published by Stephen McDonald

Christian, preacher, broadcaster

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