The Desecrating Devastation (Daniel 8)

Have you ever had to wait for God?

If you’ve ever prayed, then you’ve waited. But maybe you’re really waited. For years.

And as we wait, we can think ‘Does God care?’

Have you ever been disappointed by God?

If you’ve suffered, then maybe you’ve felt let down by God.

When we suffer, we can think, ‘Is God really in control?’

The questions, ‘Why do I have to wait for God?’ and ‘Why does God allow me (or my loved ones) to suffer?’ are questions we all ask.

Becoming a Christian doesn’t make those questions go away. Why do God’s people suffer? And why do we have to wait for God to keep His promises or to answer our prayers?

Those are questions believers ask too. Daniel did. His second vision, recorded here in Daniel 8, might not answer all of our questions, but it does help us to trust God when we don’t know why.

It’s a human think to ask ‘Why?’, isn’t it? We want to know where suffering and evil came from. God doesn’t tell us where evil and suffering started, but He does tell us how they will end! And knowing that will help us to endure and to be confident that God loves and that He is in control, even when we have to wait for Him and even when we suffer.

But does that mean that we shouldn’t care what happens? Should we forget the past and ignore the future? No! God tells us plenty about both to help us to trust in Him.

Published by Stephen McDonald

Christian, preacher, broadcaster

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