God Forsaken? (Matthew 27:45-54)

The cross is the enduring symbol of Christianity. But why would you choose an instrument of execution as the identifying marker of your religion?

The Roman historian Tactitus and modern skeptical historians agree that Jesus was executed. That’s despite the repeated ‘not guilty’ verdicts from the Roman governor, Pilate (v18-19). That’s despite the man who handed him over admitting that He was innocent (v4). That’s despite the crowd who demanded His crucifixion giving no explanation for why He should die (v23).

So, why is Good Friday called ‘good’? What happened on the cross is the central event of Christianity. And the cry Jesus made shortly before His death helps to explain why.

Jesus’ Cry Proves:

  1. Sin is Serious (v46)
  2. God is Holy (v51)
  3. Jesus Trusted God to Save (v49)
  4. We Cannot Be Saved Any Other Way (v46)
  5. So Trust Yourself to the Son of God (v51-54)

Good Friday 19th April 2019

Review questions:

  • Why is Good Friday good?
  • Did Judas, Pilate, or the crowd think Jesus deserved to be executed (v4, 18-19, 23)? Yes/No
  • Why did Jesus die (Isaiah 53:4-6)?
  • Sin is ____________________________________
  • How does God relate to sin?
  • Had God abandoned Jesus forever (v46, Psalm 22)?
  • Jesus’ death brings ___________ (v52)
  • Tearing the Temple curtain proves He made people ________ with God (v51)
  • The earthquake convinced the soldiers He was _______________ (v54)
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Something to pray about:
  • How I should live:

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