Both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:29-38)

Identity matters. It’s the first thing we want to know when we meet someone, ‘Who are you?’

We ask it more subtly: ‘What do you do?’ ‘Tell me about your family.’

It might only take a moment to discover that someone is not who you thought they were!

When I was 10, my parents took us to a conference. It ran for a couple of days at a centre on the outskirts of Sydney. It was a nice spot, with good food, but the talks were so boring (for a 10 year old, anyway).

A day or two in, yet another speaker was introduced. As the talk went on (and on!), I slouched down, then sprawled out and put my feet up on another seat.

In moments, an older man came over and told me to sit up. “Don’t you know who that is?!” he said.

“That the Governor of New South Wales. He represents the Queen. Would you be sitting like that if the Queen was in the room?”

Well, I’m sure I sat up straight for the rest of the talk!

See, knowing who someone is matters because some people have authority over us. Imagine:

  • a child who treats their parent like their friend,
  • or an employee who treats their boss like their mate,
  • or a person who treats their God like their enemy.

That’s what happened to Jesus. He, the eternal Son of God, came to us, and we treated Him like a criminal. We hated Him. We rejected Him. We killed Him.

And one reason why people hate Him and reject Him and consider Him dead to them is because they do not know or will not see who Jesus is.

And that’s why we need to do more than invite people to church. Yes, invite them. But getting someone through those doors will not change them. What will change them is introducing them to Jesus.

And that’s why we want everything we do here to be about Jesus: ‘Who is He? What did He do? What must I do to know Him and serve Him?’

The answers to those questions are here in Acts 2:29-38:

  1. Jesus is the Resurrected Christ, of Whom David Prophesied (v29-32)
  2. Jesus is the Ascended Lord, Who Poured Out the Holy Spirit (v33-25)
  3. Repent Because Jesus is both Lord and Christ (v36-38)

Sunday 10th June 2018

Review questions

  • David lived __________ years before Jesus.
  • How did David know about the Messiah (v29-31, 2 Sam 7)?
  • Christ/Messiah means:
  • Which 3 roles were anointed?
  • What does Jesus’ resurrection prove (v32)?
  • Why is Jesus at God’s right hand (v33)?
  • LORD means _______________________ (v34, Psalm 110:1)
  • Lord means _______________________ (v34, Psalm 110:1)
  • Why is Jesus greater than David (v34-35)?
  • Who does Jesus rule (v35)?
  • Has Jesus always been Lord & Christ (v36)?
  • Because Jesus is Lord and Christ, what should I do (v36)?

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