Poured Out On All Flesh (Acts 2:1-21)

Are you a Pentecostal Christian? That term is often used to identify Christians who believe that the Holy Spirit is presently at work in the world, giving spiritual gifts to believers, and working through believers in supernatural ways. And if that’s all we mean by being a Pentecostal Christian, when I hope every believer here can say, ‘Yes!’ to that question.

Some who call themselves Pentecostals insist that to be a believer, you must have something more than faith in Jesus; you must also speak in tongues, like the disciples did at Pentecost. But that’s not what the Scriptures teach. Pentecost is a unique event, when God announces that because of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, a new era of world history has begun. This new and final stage of human history is marked not by the languages believers speak, but by the message we proclaim: that there is certain salvation for all who call on Jesus’ name.

The message of Pentecost is this: All believers have the Holy Spirit to declare God’s salvation because Jesus is coming again to judge; So repent and believe.

We find this message in three parts:

  1. Rejoice that God Sends the Promised Holy Spirit (v1-4)
  2. Marvel That Many Hear the Mighty Works of God (v5-13)
  3. Repent Because A New Day Has Begun (v14-21)

Sunday 27th May 2018

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Review questions:

  • Did the Church start at Pentecost (Acts 7:38, note ‘assembly’ = ‘church’)? Yes/No
  • Pentecost: 50 days after __________________
  • W_______ & S_________ are the same word.
  • Was it windy (v2-3)? Yes/No.
  • Why did the disciples speak in other languages?
  • I can know I have the Spirit if I cry out “________________________” (Rom 8:14-17)
  • What were the disciples telling (v11)?
  • God starts by c_____________ing. (Jn 16:8)
  • What did Joel prophesy about (v20-21)?
  • What remains of God’s plan (Lk 24:47)?
  • Who receives the Spirit (v17-18)?
  • What is God’s message (v21)?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • How I should live:
  • Prayer:

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