‘That You May Believe’ (John 20:19-31)

The big question here is ‘What do you know? And how do you know it?’

Is a sunset beautiful? How do you know?

Husbands, let me ask you, do you know if your wife beautiful? And wives, do you know if you love your husband? How do you know? Can you measure it?

We actually know many things which cannot be observed, or measured, or learned from experience in the school of hard knocks. And if we restrict what we know to what we can sense, many parts of life will remain unknown to us.

In particular, there are many things which God’s Word teaches us which we could not know otherwise. And if we do not know them, if we do not believe them, then we are not alive at all. So, John tells us repeatedly in this chapter that what we believe makes all the difference.

  1. Jesus Equips and Sends Believers (v19-23)
  2. God Blesses Non-seeing Believers (v24-29)
  3. The Messiah Gives Believers Life (v30-31)

Sunday 8th April 2018

Review Questions

  • Do I believe what I can’t see? Yes/No
  • Why were the disciples afraid (v18)?
  • Why does Jesus say, ‘Peace!’ (v19)?
  • What is Jesus’ mission for us (v21 & 23)?
  • Why did Jesus breathe (v22)?
  • Why should we never skip church (v24-26)?
  • What does Thomas discover (v27-28)?
  • Why did John write (v30-31)?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

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