’So You Are A King?’ (John 18:28-40)

I’m not sure whether it’s an urban myth or not, but I’m told that for many years, if an ambulance officer suspected that someone had a concussion, they would ask them who the Prime Minister was, but that in recent years, that practice has been abandoned. It’s an essential question, isn’t it, to know who’s in charge. But our world is a world which has seen many rapid changes in the people who occupy the places of power, in our nation particularly. I think there was a four-year period where we had, was it 3 or 4 different Prime Ministers? That sort of instability is not a good thing for any nation.

But the more important question for us isn’t ‘Who rules out there?’ The question that’s of greatest importance, is ‘Who rules in here?’ We all have a seat for a king in the centre of our hearts. It is a place that rightly belongs to the Lord God Himself. He is the one who has made us. He is the one who decides the time that we enter into the world and the time that we will depart from it. He is the one who cares for us in each one of the days in between. He is the one who determines where we will spend eternity afterward. But very often, we don’t live like God deserves to sit on the throne of our lives. Very often, we live like we’re the king; it is we who get to decide what we will do. ‘I want to do this. I want to do that.’ And so I do.

Well, the question, ‘Who is the king?’ is at the heart of the passage that we read. Pilate asks it. He is the ruler over the Jews at this time, and he’s thinking in terms of nations and states, but standing before him is the one who should rule in his heart and in our hearts as well.

  1. Jesus’ Words are Fulfilled (v28-32)
  2. Jesus’ Kingdom is for Truth-Hearers (v33-38a)
  3. Do You Want the King of the Jews? (v38b-40)

Sunday 18th March 2018

  • Why wouldn’t the Jews enter Pilate’s headquarters?
  • What were they doing instead?
  • What was Pilate like?
  • How would Jesus’ words be fulfilled?
  • What is Jesus’ kingdom like?
  • Rulers should support Christianity: Y/N
  • What was Jesus’ purpose in life?
  • Do we like the truth?
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Application:
  • Prayer:

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