Salvation Shines (Philippians 2:12-18)

  1. Put Your Salvation into Action (v12-13)
    • What To Do: Obedience (v12a)
    • Why Do It: Responsibility (v12b)
    • How To Do It: Wisdom (v12c)
    • Why You Should: God’s Activity (v13a)
    • What Drives It: God’s Purpose (v13b)
  2. Shine Your Salvation in the Darkness (v14-18)
    • Shine Agreeable Attitudes in a Grumbling World (v14)
    • Shine Pure Lives in a Crooked World (v15)
    • Shine God’s Word in a Deceived World (v16)
    • Shine Sacrificial Service in a Selfish World (v17)
    • Shine Your Joy in a Despairing World (v18)

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