Love and Respect (1 Peter 3:1-7) Part 2

Sunday 17/05/2020

Here in 1 Peter, God has been showing us that He changes all of our relationships when He makes us citizens of His worldwide, eternal kingdom (2:9-10). We’ve seen how that changes our life in society and at work. Now it’s about marriage. So, how should a Christian’s marriage be different?

We saw last time that the responsibility for good and Godly relationships belongs to both husbands and wives.

Wives need to respect and honour their husbands. They help their husbands honour God in the way the lead the family, and they help their husbands be honoured by God by helping them follow Christ.

We noticed last time that even though there were 6 verses about women, but there’s only 1 about men. But there will be more about men’s role in the home when we get to the qualifications for elders in chapter 5.

So, if you think they men get off lightly here, just wait! And the reality is that the bar is set very high for husbands (and for all men). So, what do husbands need to hear? Husband, love and honour your wife (v7).

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