Open Doors to Open Hearts (Acts 16:1-15)

We saw that conflict is a part of life in the church, we saw that last Sunday. And one reason why conflict arises is that we have expectations. We expect that the church will do this, or be like that. We have expectations of other Christians. We expect things of ourselves.

What do we do when things aren’t how we expect? We blame someone. That’s often where conflict starts. Or we get discouraged. We question whether any of this is really real. Does it work?

Why do we blame? Why do we get discouraged? Because we believe that the church can do things that it can’t do.

There are some basic things that the church should do: prayer, Bible teaching, telling people about Jesus, teaching each other to follow Jesus. But we can do all of those, and see no results.

So, we ask, “What are we missing?” Maybe we need more resources. Or a different style. Or better events. Or a different pastor.

Now, some of those things may be important. But, if the good news about Jesus is going to change us and our neighbours and our community, there are three things we absolutely cannot do. Three things that only God can do. And we must trust Him to do them:

  1. Trust God to Open Doors (v1-10)
  2. Trust God to Close Doors (v6-10)
  3. Trust God to Open Hearts (v11-15)

Sunday 26th May 2019

Review questions:

  • Why was Timothy qualified to help (v2)?
  • Why did Paul circumcise him (v3)?
  • Doctrine weakens churches (v4-5): True/False
  • Does having a good plan mean God will bless it (v6-7)? Yes/No
  • Why do we need help (v9)?
  • “__________________ the spirits” (v10, 1 John 4:1).
  • Paul was led by the Spirit, but had a _________________________ and used w______________________
  • Why did Lydia listen (v14)?
  • When happened when she did (v14-15)?
  • Hospitality puts ____________________________ first.
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Something to pray about:
  • How I should live:

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