Controversy Settled? (Acts 15:22-35)

The big question in Acts 15 is ‘What do I have to do to be saved?’

If we insist on anything in addition to faith in Jesus for ourselves or anyone else to be accepted by God then we have fallen for the trap of legalism.

When we last looked at this chapter one month ago, we heard what God is doing: He is saving a people from the nations for the glory of His name, and He’s doing so by grace through faith, not of works so that none should boast, as Ephesians 2:8-10 says.

You’ll only be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, as verse 11 teaches. You can only be saved if God gives salvation to you.

This is the conclusion of the assembly of apostles and elders.

But making a decision isn’t the end of the story. It must be communicated. The church assembly sends a letter with the outcome, and the Gentile churches respond. In their response, there are three messages for us:

  1. Be Free of Legalism (v22-24)
  2. Abandon Idolatry & Immorality (v25-29)
  3. Rejoice in Christ (v30-35)

Sunday 12th May 2019

Review questions:

  • The big question in Acts 15 is “What do I have to do to be ______________?”
  • What does legalism teach?
  • What is necessary to be saved?
  • Why shouldn’t Christians do these 4 things (v29)?
  • Paganism says God hasn’t _________ so _______ decide how to honour God.
  • Avoiding idols meant being _________
  • What is “sexual immorality” (v29)?
  • Sometimes I am tempted to want Jesus plus _____________
  • I can rejoice in Jesus because ____________________________________________
  • A question I have:
  • A truth to share:
  • Something to pray about:
  • How I should live:

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