Marriage – still under threat

Marriage : still under threat from social engineers

Dear Friends,

Human beings, like all living things, have been wonderfully created by our God. God gave marriage to our first parents: “a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”

One man, one woman for life makes good sense: in Bible times, there was polygamy, which was not declared illegal, but it so often led to bitter family division. One man, one woman in permanent union has been the foundation of western society ever since the Christian gospel was first honoured.

Homosexuality has only been allowed in western society within the last half-century. In many societies it has been unknown. In Venda, a district in northern South Africa, homosexuality was unheard of until the new ANC government made it a constitutional right. It remains deeply unpopular there.

Homosexuality is clearly learned, not inherited, though some people are born with a mix of characteristics. It can be learned very early in life, and it also has been unlearned: in some cases, a person has found faith in the Lord Jesus, and He has healed them of this gender confusion.

While our state education system affirms the homosexual lifestyle as a valid choice for young people, young Australians need to know that it is a lifestyle fraught with medical and psychological problems: the average Australian ‘gay’ man dies at 51 years of age. It is often a lonely, dangerous and isolated life which will never be liked and favoured by the majority.

People in this lifestyle need love and encouragement from the Christian church to find deliverance and freedom in Christ. He befriended those on the fringe of society without encouraging their sin [Luke 15:1-2]. I believe our Saviour wants us to befriend those with whom we strongly disagree, but without moral compromise.

If Christians stand firm on the definition of marriage, it will help the young people who are growing up now to know of God’s standards, which never change. I think we should be aware that another attempt will be made in next year’s federal Parliament to amend the Marriage Act so as to include same-sex couples. While our Parliament late last year affirmed the Biblical model of marriage, since then Britain, France and New Zealand legalised same-sex marriage; President Obama agrees with them.

Therefore may I recommend that Christians contact their federal Member of Parliament, other candidates, and Senators to ask them –

“In the new Parliament will you support the traditional, Biblical model of marriage as the lifelong union of one man and one woman?”

Let’s challenge our leaders before the election, rather than give them a free pass.

With love in Christ,
Ken Martin, Minister

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