Youth Group Calendar


Term 1
February 3rd Swimming 6:00 pm at Shepparton
February 17th Cricket 6:00 pm at Euroa
March 3rd Capture the Flag 7:00 pm at Benalla
March 17th Treasure Hunt 7:00 pm at Balmattum
March 31st Tennis 6:30 pm at Benalla
Term 2
April 21st Basketball 5:30 pm at Benalla
May 5th Bonfire @ Mawson’s 7:00 pm at Balmattum
May 19th God Squad 7:00 pm at Benalla
June 2nd Movie Night 7:00 pm at Balmattum
June 16th Quiz Night 7:00 pm at Benalla
June 30th Hospital Visit 6:30 pm at Euroa
Term 3
July 29th Snow Trip to Mt Hotham 8:00 am from Euroa
8:30 am from Benalla
Cost: $10
August 11th Games Night: Art of Conversation & Bible Cranium 7:00 pm at Balmattum
August 25th Cooking Challenge 7:00 pm at Benalla
September 8th Pancakes & Games 7:00 pm at Balmattum
September 22nd Soccer, Table Tennis & Downball 7:00 pm at Benalla
September 23rd-25th PYV North Camp – Romans & Reformation with Luke Brownley (Hume PC) Camp Curumbene, Corop
Registration: 04/07-26/08
Cost: $120
Term 4
October 13th The Chocolate Game 7:00 pm at Benalla
October 27th Progressive Dinner 6:00 pm at Euroa
November 10th Set Up for Dinner Dance 7:00 pm at Benalla
November 11th Dinner Dance 7:00 pm at Benalla
November 24th Bush Walk: Mt Wombat? 7:00 pm at Balmattum
December 8th Pizza & Go Jump! 7:00 pm in Shepparton
Cost: $10 each.
December 27th –
January 1st
PYV Summer Camp @ Rawson Depart Benalla at 9 am
Depart Euroa at 10 am
Return to Euroa at 8 pm
Return to Benalla at 9 pm